Easy Fundraising Feel good shopping!

An incredibly easy way to raise money

Many of our local residents and supporters of the Village Hall have joined the Easyfundraising scheme, helping to raise money with every purchase they make.

There are thousands of retailers who are a part of Easyfundraising – whether you’re booking a holiday, ordering a weekly shop or buying furniture online, the retailer donates a percentage of your order to your chosen charity. In our case Norton-sub-Hamdon Village Hall!

Look at it this way, you were making the order anyway and it doesn’t cost you ANYTHING to make your purchase through Easyfundraising…hence the name!

Please consider registering and using this fantastic fund raiser. Think of it like an unobtrusive way of giving money that isn’t costing you anything 🙂

Help our charity for free!

Simply register with Easyfundraising today and start raising money for our fantastic village hall.

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